Ecojesuit Participation in UNFCCC COP 23
To promote global cooperation, Ecojesuit aims to:
  1. Learn about global processes and be able to explain and echo this in other venues, thus centering our commitment to a broader collaboration on global concerns and threats of a world at risk
  2. Renew relationships in collaborative research and actions coming from more regional and local experiences
  3. Improve the basis for Ecojesuit Online content and reach and thus broaden participation and deepen research
  4. Strengthen the Ecojesuit strategic planning process and implementation
1 November 2017

Between 6 to 17 November, over 30 Jesuits and partners will hold events during the UN COP23 climate change conference in Bonn, Germany.

Taking place whilst the UN talks are going on, the main Ecojesuit event will be a dialogue conference on 13 November entitled “Laudato Si’ – Environment is Relationship” hosted by the Aloisiuskolleg, a well-known Jesuit school in Bonn. Open to all COP23 delegates, NGO staff and members of the public, the event will gather speakers from around the world, including Micronesia, Latin America, Central Africa and the Philippines. The speakers will reflect and exchange on the challenges in caring for our Common Home. On the same day, Ecojesuit will host a “Laudato Si Fair” at which representatives from various Jesuit institutions, Conferences and ecology-related initiatives will showcase their activities. Other events during COP23 include a meeting of the ecology cluster of the Jesuits in Europe “Higher Education for Social Transformation” (HEST) group. 

The inspiration for Ecojesuit’s presence at COP23 is Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si' for “a new and universal solidarity”. Also relevant is last year’s Jesuit General Congregation 36 call for greater “collaboration among Jesuits and Jesuit apostolates through networks”. Ecojesuit believes that COP23 is a context where the Society of Jesus can promote its call for reconciliation between creation and people. This process will strengthen our contribution to the Society’s discernment of apostolic priorities.

Commenting on the initiative, Ecojesuit Europe representative Henry Longbottom SJ said “COP23 gives us a fantastic platform to get to know and learn from others in the Society and elsewhere involved in sustainability. We also hope to communicate to the world something about an Ignatian approach to the challenges of climate change”.

Daily reports will be posted on Ecojesuit. Please also follow us at EcojesuitCOP23 and on Twitter using #EcojesuitCOP23.